Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Five things : My life lately edition .

Hi everyone . Another "five things" post . If you're not yet familiar with these, feel free to check out the past " five things" posts that i did .

Today's Five things will be an update on my life lately !

Life can be so overwhelming. Sometimes , you need to just sit back and relax and do a little recap about your life to put you back in place .

Without further ado , let me present my five things :

1. I've been meditative lately . 
Lately , I've been having deep thoughts about my life , about my studies and about my relationships. Living in a fast- paced city , I sometimes forget to stop and just breath for a while . I feel like I need to continue on moving because if I don't , I will get left behind. I learned that sometimes you just got to enjoy the moment , you have to treasure it because it is something you can't get back . You can't go back to the past , you can't undo the past . 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

What's in my everyday " makeup " bag ?

Hello what's up everyone ! It has been a while right ?  I hope you're all doing well ....

Today's post is inspired by the back to school / back to Uni season .

So for today i'm going to share what's in my everyday makeup bag or i must say "hygiene" bag since there aren't a lot of makeup products in here.
For all my uni camarades out there i'm sure you are with me , "the lighter, the better." We don't want to add extra kilos to our bag since we need to bring our laptops, notes , books and other uni stuff already! So all of these products are wisely chosen by me . I only bring what I think is important for me to have .

Without further ado , here are the items in my everyday "makeup" bag :

Monday, September 1, 2014


wow , it has been A WHILE . I can't say that i'm totally back but I just want to share our 
Summer 2014 in the Philippines , my motherland !

Here are some of my favorite captured moments.

- First Glimpse of Manila

view from up above
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